Hire the Atlanta Pipe Band

The Atlanta Pipe Band is a great addition to any event of any size.

The APB is the premier performance and competition pipe band in the South, and one of the most respected piping and drumming organizations in the eastern United States. Many of our members are highly regarded solo champions, and more than a few members who have competed at the Grade 1 (professional) level in North America and at the World Pipe Band Championships in Scotland. The presentation and musical experience that we deliver is second-to-none, and you can be confident that the APB will be an excellent addition to your civic, commercial or private event.

The APB is totally funded by our competition prize purses and paid performances. Since we travel from the East Coast to the West Coast, and even into Canada, for multiple competitions each year, we are always interested in opportunities to place our services for hire to interested groups or individuals.

The Atlanta Pipe Band may be hired in several different configurations:

Full Band

15 or more musicians

The full band consists of 15-20 pipers and drummers, and is optimal for larger events such as university commencements, concerts, dinners, military events, parades, and larger corporate events. We have also provided a full band for the occasional wedding, so the above list is not necessarily comprehensive.

Ceremonial Band

10-14 musicians

The Ceremonial Band configuration gives a very close approximation to the visual and aural impact of the Full Band, and may be a good selection where space or volume is an obstacle to employing the larger ensemble. This configuration would include both pipers and drummers.

Mini Band

6-9 musicians

The Mini Band is an option that falls between the Ceremonial Band and Quartet. This configuration is suitable for events where space is a consideration, and can be the right choice for luncheons, wedding receptions, golf tournaments or parties.


4 musicians

The Quartet is the smallest ensemble that we quote. This group can consist of four pipers or a combination of pipers and drummers.


Many APB pipers and drummers are also available to perform in smaller configurations – solos, duos or trios – and the band is happy to help you connect with them to perform at weddings, birthday parties, funerals, dinner parties, dedication ceremonies, memorial ceremonies, anniversary parties or any other event.

For performances, the members of our band appear in traditional highland attire – kilt, sporran, ghillie brogues (shoes), jacket (weather permitting), vest, shirt, tie and glengarry bonnet (military-style cap). The APB proudly wears the tartan of the 78th Fraser Highlanders, a regiment raised in Scotland in 1757 for service in North America during the Seven Year’s War (known as the French & Indian War in the USA).

Please contact us to discuss your event and to find out about our fees and scheduling.

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